Examples of analysed samples:
Natural products, extracts, additives, flavourings, dyes …

Non exhaustive list of analysis:
• Analysis and control of raw materials.
• Analysis of trace-elements.
• Analysis of metallic contaminants in natural products or processed products. 
• Finished products characterization.



Examples of analysed samples:
Polymers, carbon nanotubes, resins, varnishes, composites, alloys, steels, catalysts, papers, fibers …

Non exhaustive list of analysis:
• Characterization of organometallics or inorganics synthesis compounds.
• Catalytic residues research in various steps of process.
• Contaminants search in production line: 
– Characterization of lubricants (fats, oils) new or used and identification of their composition, service quality, service life and frequency of re-lubrication.
– Analysis instruments and electrical components and detection of contaminants.



Examples of analysed samples:
Active ingredients, galenic finished forms, synthesis or natural raw materials, animal tissues (non-pathogenic) bacteria (non-pathogenic), hairs, nails …

Non exhaustive list of analysis:
• Analysis of active ingredients.
• Analysis of raw materials or finished products.
• Metallic impurities search.
• Analysis of biological tissues.



Examples of analysed samples:
Waters, soils, plants, woods, insects (non-pathogenic), coring cuts …

Non exhaustive list of analysis:
• Metallic contaminants search
• Analysis of trace-elements
• Raw materials characterization